Adrian Borda

Born in Reghin in 1978, Adrian Borda is one of the surreal painters who is most representative for the new generation of Romanian artists. His passion and native talent for drawing developed afterwards through specialized studies and helped him decide the path of his artistic career.

He attended the art high school in Târgu-Mureș and later on he continued to study painting in Iași, at the Art University “George Enescu”. The painter lives in Reghin, a peaceful city, a place without too many challenges that invites to introspection. For sure, this ambiance, which is different from the torment of the big cities, has offered him the possibility of having long meditations and a deep and analytical approach in his paintings. 

It`s enough to look at one single painting signed by Adrian to understand the force and the unprecedented of his creations. His works are shocking, intriguing, raising questions and stimulating the intellect. Beyond the surrealist representation, often hyperrealist, mixed with elements of cyborg art and scenes from the ordinary life, the paintings of Adrian Borda code a series of symbols and dramatic interpretations, the exacerbation of an existing reality that few people have the courage to speak bluntly. Adrian Borda doesn`t hide behind beautiful images, he doesn`t want to create just decorative pieces. He goes beyond the taboos and attempts to express profound visions that come from the depth of his subconscious. The aim of his creations is not to please everyone, but to convey an interior, sharp and radical message and to leave his tough image marked on the retina. 

Faces of transfigured dolls, masks, strange static nature, distorted musical instruments, people-instruments, fantastic characters, complicated and bizarre scenes and allegories – all compose the imaginary of the painter`s metaphoric world. Sometimes his works evoke the descriptive reality of the Flemish paintings, at times the masters of surrealism, but they also include the surprise element, as the essence of a deep personal message. 

Adrian Borda did a lot of study on classic painters and the artistic geniuses who have transformed art history. Rembrandt and Leonardo are just two of those artists who induced him fascination, even a sort of obsession to pierce the mysteries of their genius, their work methods and the exceptions who gave birth to universal masterworks.


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