Galeria Ivan

What would you recommend to those who think about starting a collection? 

My recommendation would be that they come by Ivan Gallery, to see as much art as possible, to understand the gallery’s curatorial program and to find out whether the art we promote suits his or her needs. One must understand the art scene and desire to be a part of it, to discover the particular ethical speech most suitable for them, and afterwards to think over the future purchases. Let us say there is an art lover who has bought regularly, yet, he is now tempted to form a complete and coherent collection. Then, this requires a great deal of patience. 

I choose carefully the collectors to whom I sell the artworks that are part of the Ivan Gallery portfolio, because the collections that shall integrate these works must be in accordance with the artist I am representing. It is of a much higher importance that the artworks find a home in the right collection than for the artwork to be sold immediately. There are indeed cases when I have to turn down a sale if I have the feeling that the artwork is purchased to be immediately placed on the market and not to be appreciated for its true value. So, usually, it is not me the one trying to sell, but the collector is trying to buy. It is a matter of nuance and it is my duty to care for the long and very long term artistic destiny of the artists whom I am representing. 

How do we build an art collection? 

Building an art collection requires time and it is important that the future collector is open to understand the artistic phenomenon and to discover his personal passions. A good, articulated and coherent collection is one that is able to pass the test of time. Building an art collection implies a long and very long term relationship between the collector, the gallerist and the artist. It is a relationship based on mutual trust. I would rather have few collectors who are constant in their purchases, than to have one-time, accidental buyers. There is no need to have fabulous amounts of money to start a collection; there are superb artworks at accessible prices. 

Are all the Ivan Gallery`s artists suitable to be included in a collection? 

I have artists who are only included in museum collections, others only in private ones. The art market is very strange you know! We could have very good and valuable artists, who have personal exhibitions in museums and works purchased by important international museums, yet the private collectors are not interested in buying them. Or, it can be the other way around: there are artists who are purchased by private collectors, but the museums are not displaying them. Or, artists who are not at all tradable…but the art market is not a criterion for writing art history.


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