Oana Huzum

Oana Huzum was born in 1989, in Galați. She graduated the School of Decorative Arts within the National Art University Bucharest (2011) and has a master degree at the same University, the Mural Art section (2011-2013).

Despite the fact that she is a very young artist, at the beginning of her career, Oana Huzum stands out with an articulate style and the strength of her works. She has discovered her artistic vocation since she was little and she chose an artistic high school and then specialized advanced studies. She has quickly entered the contemporary art galleries circuit. Today she is present at The Art of Living Gallery, in Bucharest, just near the Romanian Athenaeum; she has also displayed at the group exhibition “Lifestyle” together with Ioana Stănescu and Elena Endrjievschi Iancovici. 

She had slowly built a path for herself, with small steps, lots of dedication and perseverance and this provided her the possibility to explore different styles, methods and to approach various themes. She is working and experimenting various techniques – crayon drawings, watercolor, tempera, collages –, but says she feels best with oil canvas because they provide the opportunity to insist on the details, to alternate the contrast of shades and lights and to give a natural look to the painting. 

She gets her inspiration from the immediate vicinities, from the daily things and events; yet, she doesn’t attempt to present her artistic ideas by simply transposing almost photographic images, but she adds her own interpretation, emotion and introspective significance, in a permanent search and discovery for meaning. Through her works, she is trying to captivate our attention and to present in a different and personal way some mundane objects and realities which were absorbed by a routine mechanism that we almost ignore their presence. 

One of the themes that Oana Huzum analyzes and captures in various expressions is the representation of the tramway – a rare subject in the current artistic repertoire. She creates realistic compositions to reproduce in all details the past trams, using lights and shades that create descriptive volumes. In the same time, these representations emphasize Oana’s mastery for drawing and a synthesis of stylistic pursuits that provide consistency and clarity to her works.


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