There are certain rooms, whether in homes, bars or restaurants, where you feel good from the start. And you want to come back. And you spend hours and leave reluctantly. Beyond the obvious reasons – people , music, interior design and the taste of food – there is one more reason without which none of the other matter: light

Light means atmosphere. And the atmosphere is vital to the way we perceive a certain space, how well we feel and how we can use it for the purposes it was intended. And because each day of the life of each of us is made up of moments with different rhythms and activities, it is obvious that the light of each of these moments is different and should be treated differently. The glamour of an interior arrangement is finally given by good use of light. Space, colors, furniture and decorations may be the most beautiful in the universe, but if the light that falls on them is not the right one, the efforts are meaningless. There are two major issues of discussion: natural and artificial light. The first is partially beyond our control, because it is related to geography, climate, season and … luck. It is scientifically proven that serotonin (hormone of happiness) invades us five times faster in the sun; therefore we must take advantage and increase natural light in our lives as much as possible: large windows and mirrors, simple and open areas without corners and corridors.
Light is the most powerful creative environment. Most of what we know about the world we have learned and we have seen through our eyes. One of the first information we learn in a physics class is that the way we see things depends on how they are lit.


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