A cultural day in Stockholm

What better guide could we have in a new city than one of its inhabitants who says that he lucky to be born in one of the most fascinating city of the world: Stockholm. A career diplomat, Alexander Peyre Dutrey is the Deputy Head of Mission of the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest. He loves Bucharest and its people, but is sad of the continuous destruction of the city’s old buildings, either by neglection or demolishment. He has previously been posted in Argentina and Iran. Apart from this he has also lived in Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico and Switzerland. Passions in life are contemporary art, Argentinean tango and bicycling.

My hometown Stockholm is a unique city where nature, water and culture interact like no other capital in Europe. Although I have lived abroad for many years, and have many favourite cities, I must say Stockholm is special and really deserves a visit. There is no coincidence the city is called The Capital of Scandinavia. Let me explain more by following me through a cultural day in Stockholm. I begin my day by paying a visit to the heart of the island Södermalm in Stockholm. After navigating the narrow streets, I arrive at Café String, a place famous for combining a second hand furniture shop with café. Therefore, the multitude of various kinds of armchairs, tables, sofas and paintings is both up for sale and the place where I enjoy my breakfast. As it is usually quite crowded, I am given some sound advice on how to get a seat; buy the chair and tell the person sitting on it to move. It is a great mix of all kinds of colorful furniture, people and baked goods.

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