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Senior Doctor, Specialist in Orthodontics and OD and manager of iDentity Clinic, Raluca Pascu offers more than dental solutions to patients; she helps them regain their self-esteem. What has a more direct impact on someone’s selfconfidence, enthusiasm and optimism than an attractive smile? We found out how such a smile can be achieved, as a the result of dental esthetical treatments, but of the dedicated and personalized approach of each case, sometimes made by a team involving 3-4 specialists.

But how much is a smile natural born and how much is it acquired through care and treatments?
Genetics of each person are very important, especially when it comes to the shape of the face, maxillaries, dimensions of the teeth and their structure. On the other hand, dental medical services, in particular those aiming at esthetical, dental and facial corrections have evolved a lot, both technologically and from the point of view of the doctors` overspecialization. So, despite unfavorable genetics, it is possible to have pleasant teeth.

What is the story of iDentity? How was the clinic established?
This dental clinic was established in 2007, so we have a 10-year experience on the Romanian dental market. In 2017, the clinic was expanded by setting up a department for children dental care. The idea behind the iDentity brand is the fact that a person`s smile is crucial for their personal image and “it modifies their identity.” Therefore, perfect teeth and personal image are strongly connected.

The dental health market is more and more competitive. What does iDentity offer extra, comparing with other clinics?
iDentity has a multidisciplinary team. Many patients are confused because nowadays, in the modern clinics, each procedure is done by a dental doctor that is specialized in a certain field. The older and outdated idea saying that “the dentist does everything” was replaced by this new medical concept; this means that the patient benefits from a set of greater competencies, provided by a team of well-educated and connected physicians.

Regardless the equipment or the great results, very often the patients are afraid of dentists. How do you win the trust of those who come to the clinic?
More recently, the concept of dental services went through several changes, first of all in terms of organization and then of mentality – the perception of dental treatments compared with our parents` experiences has changed. The first change is that it is not possible to be cared by just one dentist your whole life. Technological progress in dental medicine has transformed this field into a very complex one and following, thus the need to be specialized has arisen. For a complex case, the patient is treated by a team of 3-4 specialists. The clients come here for the quality and the diversity of our services and are encouraged by the fact that their treatments come with a warranty and they are offered several methods of payments.

Do you believe that patients have learnt how important it is to have a sound oral care and prevention? How do you combine treatment with education?
The patients treated by iDentity follow a personalized cleaning program that is adapted for each problem and for their dental restoration process. Likewise, through the partnership we have with educational institutions in Bucharest, each year we carry out a program of dental prevention education and awareness, and our pediatric orthodontists offer classes to children in schools and high schools.

Except an improper hygiene, are there any independent causes for dental problems? How can they be avoided?
Beyond an unhealthy hygiene, that is the main cause of dental problems, there is the excessive consumption of sweets – such as jellies, chewing bonbons – between meals, and also the insufficient consumption of dairies – an important source of calcium – that can lead, in time, to the development of dental caries.

Can you remember a case when the patients – after correcting a dental problem – were so happy that overwhelmed you with their gratitude?
I remember a 17 years old teenage girl who, after seeing many orthodontists for a complex treatment, found the solution to her situation in our clinic. It was a multidisciplinary case; I worked together with the surgeon and the esthetician. At the end of the treatment, her mother showered us with praises.

What is the most difficult task in your activity as an orthodontist?
Orthodontics is, perhaps, the most difficult branch of dental medicine. It aims to modify the position of teeth on arcades, inter-maxillary relationship and the position of the maxillaries using orthognathic surgery. Orthodontic treatments carried out during the children’s growing
phase are complex as well, because every child grows up at a different pace.

What are the solutions you offer to those who fixed their dental issues but are still unhappy with the esthetical aspect?
Following the esthetical dental treatments, patients are considerably improving the aspect of their teeth. iDentity offers exceptional esthetical treatments: whitening, dental facets, dental crowns made of pressed ceramics or zirconium supported through the CAD-CAM technique, dental works of exceptional esthetical results.

Is the Romanian dental services market succeeding to attract patients from abroad? Do you have foreigners coming to your clinic?
20% of the clinic`s patients are foreigners. They are drawn to the quality of our services and the state of the art equipment. And the prices are 4-5 times cheaper than in the Western European countries.

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