The doctor who is reinventing the smile

There is a saying in their professional area: if the Nicolescu Agatstein Clinic is not able to take care of a case, then it is impossible to fix! These great results and performances didn’t just come over night: the clinic has 20 years of experience in dentistry. And we are not talking about simple dental crowns or spectacular whitening procedures. The Art of Living talked with Ion Nicolescu, the physician who has always opened new paths in the Romanian dental care.

Business card – Ion Nicolescu

Dr. Ion Nicolescu has 25 years of experience in dentistry and surgery; he was always a pioneer. He was the best in oral implantology when this field was little known in Romania and he has remained an opinion leader in his field. In regrds to maxillofacial surgery, he was the first one to develop the modern surgery of face deformation in our country. At NAOS (Nicolescu Agatstein Orthognathic Surgery), the first Romanian clinic in the field, they do ortognathic surgery to correct the deformations of the face caused by the abnormal growth of maxillary bones. Apart from the licence and the Ph.D. in Romania, the Dr. Nicolescu has many specializations in famous clinics from Israel, the Nordic countries, South Africa, Italy or China.

Dr. Nicolescu had the idea, desire and perseverance to make out of this clinic, established in 1996, a true brand. He always had a few basic principles, and he stuck to them fully: a team of professionals, quality services and guided treatments based on fair medical grounds. His current team is a five-star one. “I can say we grew up together, both the doctors and the staff trained in this clinic, following, of course, certain rules. I work with some of the medics, those who make up the original nub, for 15-16 years. But, we also have some young doctors that were educated here. The secret consists in overspecialization and a very good team spirit. The idea is that each of them has developed on a certain particular area and has great performances; he is the utmost in his area of expertise. All the doctors, including myself, regularly attend exchanges abroad. 

Likewise, a direct collaboration with famous foreign doctors helps and also asserts a high standard. The quality of our works is provided also by partnerships with technicians in four countries. We change the lives of our patients. Here in the clinic we can do classic interventions, that put a smile on the face, as well as complex procedures that completely modify the facial look. We move maxillaries, reshape faces, heal serious mastication, breathing and even talking problems. We make good changes in our patients lives”, explains the doctor. The interventions are complex from all points of view. A perfect smile, for example, is not just about aligned or white and shining teeth, it`s about the whole face. When we move a maxillary, like Dr. Nicolescu does, the whole face changes and the psychological impact is huge. Patients must be well prepared from this point of view because, otherwise, the mirror can become their worst enemy, despite the fact that the surgery is very beneficial both for their health and looks.

Sometimes the reality is beyond the imagination of film writers. “I remember a patient who was very inhibited because of her face. However, she was very determined to follow the treatment and right after surgery she was very happy with the result. It was exactly what she wanted! Two weeks later, she came back, she was a wreck. What had happened? Her best friend did not recognise her. Our team, a psychologist, her family all worked hard to put her back on her feet. It took almost a month for her to accept the result, her new image. It is about awareness and compliance. Then, everything went back to normal. I have met her again after some time. She was happy and very confident thanks to her new look. She was promoted at her job and she had found personal fulfillment. This is exactly what we get with these interventions – a healthier and better life,” recalls Nicolescu.

Currently, Nicolescu Agatstein Dental Clinique has two locations in Bucharest, one in Rosetti and the other one in the Primaverii area. The principle it is organixe around is a “boutique clinique.” Why? “Doctors of various specializations work together – this is the key of success. Team approach! This is the only doable way nowadays when medicine is developing extremely rapid on all fields: offering the patient the best, updated treatment for his diagnosis. In the big network clinics, the quality control of the medical act and a close team work are diluted. I always wanted to practice medicine at its best level. It is indeed more expensive, but the results are great and sustainable. We can fix any clinic situation regardless of its complexity or the general condition of the patient, according to the possibilities of today`s medicine. We see things as a whole and we personalize the treatment according to the diagnosis and the desires of the patient, we also follow up as time passes by. We never carry out treatments that have no medical recommendation, regardless of what the patient wants. Having a conscious based on knowledge is a medical must,” explains Dr. Nicolescu.

Nicolescu Agatstein Dental Clinique is the only dental clinic in Romania affiliated to the The Leading Dental Centers of The World. Being affiliated to the most prestigious dental medicine network means recognition for the 20 years of experience together with a professional team, the best in their field of activity, state of the art equipment and techniques that are permanently improved in trainings with the best foreign professionals.


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