A new generation of luxury in the auto industry: Audi A4 allroad

The second generation of the Audi A4 allroad model was presented, at the beginning of this year, at the Auto Show in Detroit, but the car will go into the showrooms, somehow in an unexpected manner, during the peak of summer season.

The all road adventure started in 1999, when the Audi engineers supplied more manhood and more spirit of adventure to the Avant (break) version of the A6 model, making some cosmetic upgrades, and, most of all, using the same well-thought-out technologies.

Audi`s marketing department took a decade to observe the potential of the newly created (sub) brand and to decide the production of a second, more accessible model of A4 – an absolute normal decision.

The first all road A4 edition accomplished its mission and the new generation thus created was promising to provide to all nature lovers householder all the known advantages of this car together with some improvements that were expected from such a fresh model.