A new generation of luxury in the auto industry: BMW M2 Coupé

Do not let yourselves be fooled by the digit 2! The new BMW M2 Coupé runs with all its 370 horsepower towards one single objective: to become a grade A model. It remains to be seen if its ambitions become reality. Certainly the freshest and smallest member of the M series from BMW is the follower of some sharp “tools”, such as the M1 Coupé Series and, most of all, the Turbo 2002.

Under the seemingly small hood of the Bavarian coupé, lies a “six in a row” that makes the connoisseurs drool with desire, even after finding out there is a (necessary – we presume -) system of over fueling, the TwinTurbo.

As we just mentioned, the TwinTurbo engine and the mechanism provide together a 370 horsepower but also a maximum coupling that can go up to 500 Nm for a short time (in a “normal” regime, the back wheels receive “only” 465 Nm).

The new BMW M2 Coupé can sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 4, 3 seconds (when the car has the automated transmission M DCT). If you choose a manual gearbox, you lose two tenths, but you can compensate this with the feeling of absolute control over the small “beast”. The BMW M2 Coupé can be purchased starting with this April, for a price of 50.650 de euro, WATT not included.