Ferrari soprattutto

A young couple, with a passion for one of the greatest brands that exist on this planet, have achieved the impossible in bringing it to Romania. 10 years after its arrival, it has imposed a certain state of mind, the same one that the producer had in mind when started selling the first cars. The Bazac family sells luxury motorcars and opens the door to a family that is quintessentially Italian: extended yet united, headed by a patriarch who keeps everyone connected. Camelia Bazac explains to The Art of Living why “Ferrari soprattutto”.

How did you start the Forza Rossa business and why Ferrari in Romania?

Camelia Bazac: It all started from our passion for this exclusive brand and for the winning spirit that Ferrari broadcasts to the entire world. Not by chance, Ferrari represents the most powerful car brand in the world for the last two years. This says everything about how attractive is the brand among the consumers and its significance. Richard Branson`s quote is very appropriate: “Anyone can try to start a business if he feels that he can make a change in the life of others and if he follows his passion”. We wanted to bring this emotion to Romania, to the many passionate people who certainly enjoy Ferrari being present here. From a business perspective we have a valuable opportunity and it has been confirmed as an investment with good returns, placing Romania on the exclusive map of Ferrari’s sales. Right now we are in a development phase, last year we added to our portfolio a new division – Forza Rossa Financial Services, a loan broker that has succeeded in the first 10 months to attract around 2000 customers interested in the financial products on offer.

How did you manage to convince Ferrari to make you the exclusive distributor of their brand in Romania?

C. B.: There was a very rigorous and competitive selection process. For the first two years we had to work to convince Ferrari that Romania is an important market, with a potential that can successfully represent the Ferrari brand throughout the whole region. The project, the vision and our enthusiasm convinced them.

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