Release the beasts!

At the beginning of 2015, the favorite trio of the premium car lovers is in full creative zest. How could it be any other way?! BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have the same determination in finding excellence with some new models that are different and spectacular at the same time.

The number of attacks grew once the seasons have passed and the adversaries became more and more determined to end BMW`s hegemony in the premium class automobiles. A few years ago, Audi – having a new challenger`s position – publicly announced its warlike intentions in a transparent, almost insolent manner. Mercedes-Benz, the leader who was declassed after a long and comfortable reign, got over the original astonishment that placed him on the edge of this three party conflict, and started a gusty counter-attack, in tune with the recovered trust.

Recently, all this carefully planned fuss offered the neutral spectator a picturesque choreography and the chance to have some daydreaming moments. The target audience has never had a more difficult time in choosing a car, but this task has never been more pleasant either. The cause for this situation are of course the following: an inflation of new and increasingly seducing models, the outward relentless niche marketing of the supply, rapid technological progress and required or self-assumed ecological standards.

2015 shall begin on the same note and this is not at all an accident. BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are ready to launch new series – X5 M, X6 M, A6 Ultra, AMG GT – the prelude of a year that cannot be anything else but electrifying.

BMW X5 M and X6 M

BMW has launched the X5 model in 1999 and completely changed the rules of the game. Drivers have discovered a 4×4″mastodon” that moves on the road as good as a sedan. This was the beginning of a surprising love story.

Since then, the SUVs have continuously adapted to the times and, precisely for this reason, despite all pessimistic forecasts, have progressed like no other modern class car. Not by chance, most of the SUVs which are being sold today play the responsibility card. They are smaller, less polluting and more accessible. BMW has joined this trend, with the X1 and X3, but has not given up on the X5 and even come up with a “coupe” version, known as X6.

As any leader with self-value, BMW has raised the stakes again five years ago when they provided the Motorsport department with the opportunity to transform the X5 and X6 models in entirely two different species – some sort of predator SUVs. Today, the successors of the first X5 M and X6 M cars are prepared to shock even more than before.

The new BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M models are more ferocious but in the same time they are gentler with the environment: the driver has 575 horsepower available at any time, but only 258 grams of carbon dioxide are scattered in the air with every traveled kilometer. The fuel consumption was reduced by 20%. On average, both sport SUVs only need 11, 1 liters of gasoline for every 100 kilometers. Though the producer`s official figure cannot be obtained in the everyday traffic, this is in fact an impressive performance. And, because we got to this point, there is no way we can skip an equally amazing parameter: 4, 4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h – approximately the time needed to read this information.

Audi A6

A6 has known better times. It may seem unfair that a car so elegant must face so many problems, either objective or subjective, but this is the reality of the contemporary auto market. The direct competitors – BMW 5-Series and Mercedes- Benz Class E – are going through a very fortunate period. Then, paradoxically, this precise determination of Audi to focus on the supply`s niche marketing has lead to the genesis of several models and, inherently, to some of the brand`s clients migrating towards novel products.

As a consequence, the fourth generation Audi A6`s facelift could not come at a better time. It remains to be seen whether the rather discrete esthetical corrections and the technological improvements shall matter sufficiently for the A6 to be come more and more the A8 flagship, and to ditch the not so flattering comparisons with the lower class “colleague” – A4.

Starting with this winter, Audi A6 shall provide a reviewed motor range, 22% more economical, but also the new LED or Matrix LED headlights, “borrowed” from the A8 limo. Yet, the most important changes can be seen on the inside. Ventilated and massage front seats, updated multimedia MMI interface (equipped with Nvidia video board), adaptive autopilot, accidents pre-sense system and night-view or the display`s head-up are only few of the surprises that A6 has in store.

Mercedes AMG GT

Daimler, the company who owns Mercedes-Benz, has decided that all their super sport cars shall be simply called from now on Mercedes AMG. The first model with this new name is AMG GT, the famous successor of SLS AMG.

The GT does not have the vertical doors that the SLS AMG used to wave around, but its structure is completely aluminum-made and its silhouette recalls the natural style of its predecessor, therefore it appears more than able to take the eyes of the crowds – a potential highway superstar. The top version of the AMG GT S offers 510 horsepower, hence blissfully completing the striking design, also replicated in the passenger compartment.

The two seats GT coupe follows the best tradition of sport cars, yet makes an unexpected concession to its future clients – a generous trunk, with a volume similar to the compact hatchback.