Sometimes it takes just a name to begin a story – in this case: ACNE. The surname may come later – in this case: Studios. ACNE Studio is perhaps the most beautiful success story in the recent history of Swedish fashion design. Young Jonny Johansson`s – the founder of Acne – infatuation with denim commenced in 1996.

The simple need to own and wear a trivial pair of jeans determined Jonny Johansson create a capsule collection. Success almost came over night. Shortly after this lucrative experiment, Jonny Johansson developed his dedication for simple, minimalistic shapes, and most of all for quality. Later on he created some wider collections where denim was no longer the key element.

But passion unaccompanied by a bit of luck can fail spectacularly. The mobility of cultural poles, the explosion of communication means and especially the fall of the Anglo-Saxon culture directed everyone`s attention to what we call today the Scandinavian culture. Around the 2000`s, the cold air of the Nordic cultural cyclone has boomed and spread everywhere (notably in architecture, music, cinematography, design of objects). Suddenly, the temperature, but especially the temperament – sometimes grasped with difficulty by Southern people – was embraced in the most sub-tropical countries.

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