Între India și fusion

Naan Food & Drink Studio can be found on Maria Rosetti Street, at the corner with Nicolae Filipescu Street, located in an elegant building. Before passing by the entrance, the location has a very decent discretion, but afterwards, we arrive to an elegant hallway, an area that all restaurants should have, but unfortunately, represent a rarity amongst the Bucharest restaurants.

Those who want to enjoy their meal without cigarette smoke have the choice of dining in the restaurant`s cellar because at the ground floor smoking is allowed – or at least it was until the middle of November 2015. But, regardless of your choice, prepare yourselves for a unique culinary (and not only) experience!

The restaurant is based on a concept that focuses on architecture, gastronomy and… bread, and this is where it’s name comes from. Naan is a fine, tasty, oil and milk based bread specialty and it very popular in India and beyond.

The interior architecture uses wood and cast iron and has a modern and bright style. The dishes combine Indian spices with fine cuisine techniques and the chef`s creativity. The symbol of the restaurant is naan, a homemade Indian flat-bread that is produced from a special dough, spiced with a mixture of nine ingredients and baked in the special Tandoor oven that is built from clay.

The bread is placed on the walls of the oven and inside the oven they cook shiska bobs with various textures of marinated and spiced meats. The menu includes some dishes that are most likely unique and each month the restaurant introduces some new ones; this is an important reason for any gourmand to come back.

Regardless of the dish of your choice, the restaurant has a permanent sommelier to recommend you the perfect wine which goes with that dish.

I really recommend you to rely on the suggestions of the sommelier as you will have the opportunity to delight in a local premium wine or in a wine imported from artisanal producers! Try all the dishes in the menu, but especially do try the Sashimi red tuna, served on a bed of black rice and aromatic herbs, cardamom and wasabi!