S.E.R.V.E. – The French legacy

The Exceptional Wines Euro Romanian Society, or S.E.R.V.E., as it is known by all Romanian wine lovers and not only, was born out of the late Count Guy de Poix foresight, a French wine producer and also a very competitive seller.

In 1993, the Count came to Romania with the mission to buy wines and to export them; after seeing the potential of the Dealu Mare area, he changed his business plan and started buying vine plantations, thus establishing the first winemaking society after 1989.

In 1994, the first wine bottle with the label Vinul Cavalerului (Knight`s Wine) was launched on the Romanian market. Years of hard work followed, while S.E.R.V.E. and Count Guy de Poix produced and sold wines; the selling aimed to educate consumers and decision makers from regular restaurants who were accustomed with older wines.

Year after year, they managed to increase the quality of the wines, but also the number of customers who became loyal to their brand; in the very first year, they built the first Ho.Re.Ca. distribution network belonging to a wine producer, and this network is operational even up to this date.

In the year 1995, they surprised the wine market with the first dry rosé wine ever produced in Romania. In the 20 years of activity, thanks to the Count`s courage and enthusiasm, S.E.R.V.E. brought modernity and freshness into the world of the Romanian wines, and at the same time, they

made all efforts to preserve the traditional varieties, being the first producer who selected the Feteasca Neagră variety from the own vineyard.

They opened the market with the brand called Vinul Cavalerului, a collection of mono-variety, modern and fresh wines that even after 20 years represents a quality benchmark. Afterwards, the Terra Romana collection followed; it included more sophisticated wines, with unique personality and exclusively distributed on the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.

Later on, the collection was supplemented with two Milenium blendings, created to celebrate the passing into the new millennium. Their current offer includes also the Cuvee collection, where each of the wines was named after one of  the Count`s family members.

On the January 29, 2011, Count Guy de Poix died and the world of wines lost an exceptional man. His family decided to honor his memory and created a wine called Cuvee Guy de Poix, a Fetească Neagră of great finesse obtained from the grapes harvested in the year of this great man`s passing, as an homage for the foresight and perhaps the revolution he produced in the world of Romanian wines.