Live cooking – spectacol și gust

Live cooking is a concept that is based on the unusual experience of closely watching the food making process in a restaurant. It is an enactment of the cooking process, right in front of the people who are going taste it, therefore it is expected they shall appreciate even more. Plus, they leave the restaurant having had more than just a good meal, but also a cultural experience – they learn about the ingredients, the history of a certain dish, the gastronomical tradition of the country, etc.

When talking about live cooking, we can distinguish in fact several levels. The first level is simpler and means cooking the steak at the table, on a hot stone, by flaming various dish: you see how the steak is prepared and then you watch, patiently or not, how the meat is cooked.

The second level means an open kitchen that is transformed into a live scene – the entire menu is prepared in front of the client who sits at a special table. The first level offers a view on the preparation process and the second level enchants thanks to the unusual show given by the master chefs while cooking, and it also gives the opportunity to choose the ingredients to be used.

We can find many similarities between live cooking and the circus – spectacular flames, juggling with ingredients, long hours of preparation and training, but, there is one huge difference – the result of the live cooking show will be eaten by the spectators.

The most representative Romanian restaurant that offers such gastronomical shows is located in Bucharest, within the Sheraton Hotel and it is called Benihana.

Here, the customers can delight in the authentic Japanese cuisine tappenyaki. The Asian chefs, masters in the art of cooking but also in delivering shows, prepare the exclusivist dishes on the teppan tables that are heated at 3600 C. During the gastronomical show, the ingredients are flying through the air, the onion rings burst into flames, the ingredients are grouped into spectacular formations and afterwards they are sorted on the customer`s plate like an artistic creation; last but not least, there is a permanent interaction between the clients and the chefs. Thus, the waiting time for cooking the carefully selected ingredients transforms into a captivating event.