Romanian red blends

Blending, as defined by dictionary comes from the French word coupage meaning “a combination of two or more varieties of wine to get the desired bouquet and taste” The blending method is defined in the same source as “blending several varieties of wine based on certain methods to obtain a particular type of wine”. Through this technique, wine producers have been achieving excellent wines with a high complexity year after year. Worldwide there are some famous blends such as Bordeaux, made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, GSM blending typical for Côtes du Rhône made of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre – the latter already becoming original for Australia, South Africa and California. From the variety of Romanian blends, we will present you the ones with a touch of excellence.

Cuvée Charlotte – Cuvee Charlotte is produced by SERVE every year since 1999 except 2009, a year with less potential that made the producer from Dealu Mare to postpone making this wonderful wine. Until 2007, it was made by blending Cabernet Sauvignon and Fetească Neagră. In 2007, Merlot was added and in 2008 the Cabernet Sauvignon was excluded. It is a Romanian wine benchmark, a deep red with a complex nose of violets, vanilla, spices, raisins and red fruit. The taste is full, juicy flavors of berries, blackberries, blueberries and spices. With tannins still young and with a perfect balance, it can be a good choice for meals with grilled beef, baked lamb, venison and roast turkey with red wine sauce.

Passarowitz 1718 – Produced by Crama Oprișor on the Oltenia hills the wine has the complexity offered by the presence of five varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder. Each variety has a well defined role in this wine: Cabernet Sauvignon brings the body and color, spicy Shiraz flavors, Pinot Noir the elegance, Merlot makes it friendlier and Dornfelder further intensifies the color. Visually it is a dark wine with slight violet reflections denoting a potential obsolete. The nose is a choir of fruity flavors, floral, grassy and spicy in a flexible note driving us through all the flavors that can be found in the wine. The taste is full-bodied, yet supple, with velvety tannins with flavors which change every sip from red and black fruit to chocolate milk and vanilla. After a minimum of 6-8 hours aeration, it may accompany well seasoned beef, but just as well may be the ideal companion on long winter evenings in front of a fireplace. 1718 magnum bottles (1.5 l) are produced anually.

Cuvée IX – Made by Lacerta in Dealu Mare is a red wine obtained by blending wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Fetească Neagră and Blaufraenkisch aged one year in oak barriques from different sources. It is a strong red with aromas of blueberries, blackberries, currants, ripe black cherry, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, coffee, chocolate and can accompany the most sophisticated dishes based on red meat, venison, wild mushrooms, truffles, ripened cheeses, but may also be associated with dark chocolate desserts or black fruit jams.

Smerenie – It is the first Romanian wine that was thought the other way around: from name to the dark liquid in the bottle. It was meant to be a tribute to the immortal soul and faith. Made by Crama Oprișor by blending Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder is a wine of a deep red with violet tints, intense aromas of raspberry, bitter cherry, ripe cherry, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cocoa and coffee. All the flavors can be tasted supported by acidity and tannins which convinces us that this wine may be kept for at least another 10 years. Can be served with blue beef, big venison, roast turkey, grilled pork, dark chocolate dessert and berries.

Golem Roșu – Obtained from Crama Basilescu in Dealu Mare blending Fetească Neagră, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot; the three varieties reach a steady note delighting us in a complex wine, full-bodied, robust yet velvety, with a range of red and black fruit flavors, vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee and cocoa. Being a very complex wine, it is recommended for moments of meditation with a quality cigar or pipe, for long evenings with friends, as well as for special occasions or memorable events.

Ovas – Made by Petro Vaselo in the village with the same name in Banat, this is a typical Bordoeaux blending with 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30 % Merlot. The color is dark ruby, the nose complex and deeply flavored with black currant, cherry, tobacco, smoke, tobacco and herbs. The taste is strong, with tannins still young and lively, with aromas of fruit noticed in the nose, complemented by a lingering aftertaste of cocoa, chocolate and cherry stones. Aging potential is minimum 5-6 years. An elegant wine that can pair with meals with deer, venison, beef, boletus, truffles and ripened cheese.