Sweet happiness

A recent scientific discovery has showed that chocolate stimulates the secretion of the hormone that is responsible for the feeling of happiness. But long before the researchers have discovered this fact, the Belgium chocolate makers have produced wonderful pralines and caraques at the level of art. As for all the gourmet foods, premium chocolate must be a delight, both visually and also gustatory.

The Belgium pralines and caraques have received global recognition due to their quality, looks and last but not least to their innovative and elegant packages. After Belgium has joined the European Union and has adopted a regulation that allows the use of up to 5% vegetable fat, other than cocoa butter, in the chocolate production, Belgium has introduced AMBAO certification for the chocolate products that are 100% obtained from cocoa butter, in order to maintain quality and to differentiate them.

The products with this certification always come from long-standing manufacturers and are produced after recipes that have been improved in time by the chocolate masters.

Caraque are compact chocolate bonbons, while pralines are filled with all sorts of crèmes. The large variety of these crèmes, often obtained from exotic fruits, flowers, spices or a blend of these, represents the reason why the pralines are much more famous and appreciated.

For the summer time but not only, the Belgium chocolate masters have created the artisanal ice cream from new combinations of fruit purées, chocolate, milk, spices, aromatic herbs, flowers and alcoholic drinks. The vegetarians or those who are fasting can enjoy the flavor of sorbets, also called dietetic ice-cream, produced without milk supplements or other animal origin fats, with no cholesterol and saturated fats and having a very high concentration of vitamins.

And to satisfy the sophisticated taste of chocolate and ice cream lovers, the Belgium chocolate masters have created lime and coriander pralines, ginger and violets ice cream, strawberries, mint and red pepper sorbet and also many other blends, so that any consumer, no matter how finicky, can find the right taste for each type of event, season or time.