Alfred Nobel – from inventing the dynamite to establishing the most prestigious international award

The name of Alfred Nobel, the famous Swedish inventor, chemist and business man is still associated with the most desired and prestigious award in the world. And the award winning ceremony of the prize is still the most important event of this kind within the international political, cultural and scientific fields. Yet, beyond the bright images captured in various speeches on this great man`s biography, his life story and inner transformations are truly spectacular and worthy of a recount.

During his lifetime, Nobel – the man who is famous for discovering dynamite – has licensed approximately as many inventions as there are days in a year. At one point, the press used to call him “the merchant of death”, due to his invention. He was never married and his family faced bankruptcy more than once.

The year 1833 was equally one of the hardest and most blessed times for the Nobel family – that was the year when Immanuel and Andrietta Ahlsell, the parents of the famous inventor, faced bankruptcy for the first time; but it was also the year when their third son son was born on the 21st of October – the one who would later become a great inventor and visionary. His father, a reputed scientist and inventor, was descendant of the famous Swedish scholar Olof Rudbeck, and his mother Andrietta Ahlsell came from a wealthy family.

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