Ludvik Glavina: “Doing business in Romania is by no means harder than in other countries”

A once-in-a-billion combination: a fourth generation winemaker on the Slovenian Adriatic seacoast with a passion for Romanian contemporary painters. This is Ludvik Nazarij Glavina. He has been coming here for 35 years, but still hasn’t turned Romania into a market for his premium wine. Yet, while being successful in trading other things, he has a very optimistic perspective on our country.

You grow grapevines that we also have in Romania, and olives, that don’t grow here. What business interest takes you to Romania?

Indeed, the activity dearest to my heart is making wines and olive oil, but I also have a distribution company in Romania, selling veterinary equipment. I have been coming to Romania since 1980, and I first remained here by chance. I came on a delegation from a Yugoslav export company and, as the firm’s representative in Romania got sick and had to return home, I was asked to take his position. I agreed. Then I kept coming not only as a businessman, but as a tourist. I come for friends and I spend here about a month every year.

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