One needs both roots and wings

Prof. ddr. Rudi Rizman – Prof. of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Ljubljana and University of Bologna

Although Slovenians acquired their own statehood only 25 years ago they were nation much earlier. Their ethnic survival as one of the smallest nations in Europe amidst frequent wars in bloody European history, which always affected this nation due to its central geographical position, is not contingential. It should becredited to its entrepreneurial capability and accommodating to continuous social, epochal and cultural changes while simultaneously keeping their awareness of distinct cultural identity.

Many scholars and common people observed that Slovenians are individualists, hardworking and at the same time open to new ideas coming either from inside or from outside. In order to sustain their political, economic and cultural distinctiveness Slovenians relied throughout their history upon dictum that one needs both roots and wings. This explains well the precious historical act that four-hundred and thirty years ago Slovenians together with thirteen other European nation translated Bible into their own language,

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