Ayurveda destinations – Journeys towards wellness

Wellness is possible through a multitude of factors and complex ingredients impacting our lives. We are already aware of the direct influence of surrounding objects, the space we spend our time in, the inner and outer environment. Unconsciously, these are affecting our minds and actions; they induce or they take away energy. The furniture, the color of the walls, the setup, all the elements that make up a certain space or location are essential for its utility, not just from a functional point of view but also from an emotional one. It is normal to see a strong back to nature trend caused by the overpowering industrialization. The terms we hear so much lately such as eco, natural, bio, organic, green and sustainable indicate a concern, that is not always just, for having a healthy lifestyle. From food to architecture, the organic has become a trend and a covetous condition of modern life.

The space is an essential component of wellness, through everything it conveys and it is not accidental that we feel the need to recover the natural and the minimalistic open interiors, detached from the useless and excessive elements. It is the main condition to minimize the causes of stress and to relax. Therefore, exotic locations, as far away as possible from the troubled modern world, have become the most desired places of vacation. The authenticity of the places yet untouched by technology – often savage – represents the key ingredient for getting back into physical and mental shape. 

Besides the relaxation and regeneration therapies that are more and more complex, making our choices relies upon the place and its natural particularities. The more authentic they are, the more successful the experiences shall be. People are eager to experiment the “healthy” side of a vacation, rather than the comfort and they check into therapy resorts in order to escape the frantic daily existence. These resorts, located at the edge of the urban landscape, over virgin forests, attract the tourists into their peaceful islands. 

Yoga and the Ayurveda practice have become a well-shaped trend and the number of followers is increasingly high. They are based on nature`s simple principles, thousands of years old, used to guide the entire existence of people. Ayurveda (the science of life) is a traditional medicine system coming from India; it is a systematized knowledge and wisdom, it is the art of healthy living, containing all aspects of life – body, mind and spirit. In this sense, an ambient is created to help balance all these in a resonating environment. All the therapies of Asian culture are based on finding this balance and the ways to attain this balance vary from one culture to the other. Harmony is the main drive and the following Ayurveda elements are used: earth, space, air, fire and water.

Certainly, the best places of this sort are to be found in the regions of origin, mostly in India but also in some other Asian countries. The experiences vary depending on the destination, from ascetic centers that encourage self-focus and meditation to the most luxurious ones that provide absolute relaxation.

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