Welcome to the most authentic Halloween experience in Europe

Despite being one of the main touristic attractions in Romania, Bran Castle – otherwise known as Dracula’s Castle for the uninitiated – hadn’t exploited its main appeal… until now. 

The Halloween Monster Party at Bran Castle took place this Saturday, 27th October. It was the first time the entire castle was open until midnight and decorated accordingly. Not only that, but the guests also had the privilege of being among the first to experience the recent technological additions to the historical building by taking the video-panelled lift (a former fountain converted into an elevator for an ageing princess) down to the Time Tunnel. There, several movement-sensitive sensors tracked their journey through the eyes of vampires, witches and death-eaters with a digital photo-op at the end. It is no wonder that this is the most modern museum in Romania to date. While the tour in itself was not as scary as could be, the neon-stained walls, the eery decorations and the masked staff, along with the spooky noises and narrow dark passages created an unforgettable sensory overload. Black vodka shots were available at the end for those who continued the party into the early hours of the morning in the nearby DJ-ed tent. There, Vlad the Impaler showed off his moves on the dance floor, cheered on by Dracula and an excited crowd of intricately costumed tourists. 

For an all-embracing experience, an optional 4-course dinner was also served beforehand at Queen Mary’s teahouse, at the base of the castle. The service was flawless, while the sepia truffle and mushroom pasta exquisite. In traditional Romanian style – the portions were huge. 

Following a trend that seems to have taken over the country in recent months, there were also thematic projections onto the exterior walls of the castle that could also be enjoyed by those who had missed out on their chance of buying a ticket. However, considering many of the guests had crossed oceans to attend, we think those who missed out will definitely come next year. Happy Halloween!