The new face of tradition

Girard-Perregaux, iconic luxury Swiss watch brand, is proud to present the print and online journal “The New Face of Tradition, Eight Young Watchmakers and the Art of Making Time”. Not assuming brilliance and lightning strike in one place, Girard-Perregaux observed these young watchmakers not only in their own Atelier, but also in their time with friends, family and alone. What are their other passions beyond making time? What makes them tick?

The New Face of Tradition presents young watchmakers in theirbworkshops, as well as in their private lives. From rock & roll stars to puzzle masters and international alpine horn champions, the young watchmakers are as multi-faceted as the Girard- Perregaux luxury timepieces they create. The Journal is presented within the Young Watchmakers’ Tour. Its debut took place in New York City at a special event bringing together watchmakers and watch enthusiasts, before heading to Beijing in June and Paris at the end of August. Each stop of the tour shows to the world the talented young artists with whom Girard-Perregaux shares the passion for watchmaking. The events are meant to change the perception many people have of the craft so they begin seeing it as a young, revitalized and constantly evolving art and not an antique one.

This was the aim of the events which already took place too. In New York, the guests had the opportunity to participate in an in-depth one-on-one workshops with the watchmakers. In addition, Girard-Perregaux featured the latest 2012 novelties and Museum pieces from its historical archives. Following the same pattern, the magnificent watchmaking odyssey from Paris included the “Girard-Perregaux, the Art of Making Time” exhibition, as well as the organization of watchmaking workshops and meetings with three young watchmakers coming straight from Switzerland. When the tour took hold of Beijing, pictures of the talented crew of young watchmakers were shot at their watchmaking benches at many iconic and historical relics in the city. Besides an exhibition of the exquisite timepieces, Beijing also hosted an in-depth discussion about timing art, machine manufacturing, the inheritance of classics and Girard Perregaux’s 221-year tradition.But this is only the beginning. The tour will continue in several other cities.

If you are interested to explore the interests, passions and “extracurricular activities” of each young watchmaker, please visit the online version of the journal:

Girard-Perregaux is a Swiss high-end watch manufacturer tracing its origins back to 1791. The history of the brand is marked by legendary watches that combine sharp design with innovative technology such as the renowned Tourbillon with three gold bridges presented by Constant Girard-Perregaux in 1889 at the Paris universal exhibition where he was awarded a gold medal.With over 80 registered patents, Girard-Perregaux is fully committed to research and development to constantly fuse its unique heritage into modern watchmaking.