Sjöö Sandström – The story of low key luxury

Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandström, two engineers and watch aficionados came together because of a love of watches and started the company in Stockholm. Today Sjöö Sandström is one of the few independent luxury watch manufacturers in the world with over 30 stores from US to Dubai and Hong Kong.

Although established in 1986, the big break came in 1997 with the introduction of the Chronolink Worldtimer UTC, a marvel of watch making ingenuity combining analogue elegance, electronic brilliance and classic Scandinavian aesthetics.

Many new brands try to hide where the movement is sourced from, the lack of transparency concealing sometimes low-cost quartz ticker But is not the case with Sjöö Sandström Royal Capital: they are utilizing a movement from Swiss firm Vaucher – the caliber 5401.

Other than being a unique Swedish- Swiss collaboration, there is another great feature of this movement – it involves a micro-rotor: a winding rotor that is much smaller than what are normally use to cover up the back of a movement. This configuration has always been rather rare, as it requires a more unique construction of the movement itself.  Swedish luxury is not measured in abundance or material wealth, it is more about freedom and experiences in nature.

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