Tag Heuer CONNECTED MODULAR 45 Smartwatch

The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is the second Android Wear smartwatch issued by the Swiss watchmaker, after the Connected. It has more features, including GPS to track your outdoor workouts and NFC to make payments from the wrist. The Intel-powered modular smartwatch is also part of a small group that’s already running on Android Wear 2.0, Google’s major smartwatch OS update.[1]

From the logo emblazoned on the crown to the bold matte black ceramic bezel, this luxury smartwatch is a beautiful and more useful alternative, as you’ll only know it’s a digital when you get a little closer and discover the touchscreen display.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular for women smartwatch is also available and it can be now customized in over 4.000 ways, while the 2015 edition initially came in just a few styles, before a rose gold model was introduced. However, the new modular design approach is not just about swapping watch straps, as you can pull out the lugs, the buckle and even swap the digital screen for an analogue one.

The good news for this summer is that the new watch, unlike the first one, is waterproof. Tag Heuer offers a variety of straps, including a sporty black rubber strap, a calfskin or a titanium one.

Browsing through watch faces works as it does on other smartwatches, but they also have the Tag Heuer Studio, where you can access exclusive, customisable watch faces.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch has been manufactured in collaboration with top partners Google and Intel, hoping to bring the best of both worlds: Swiss luxury watchmaking and Silicon Valley Technology. It can be paired with any Android smartphone.


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