Cristina Timiș, founder of the Eliade Clinic: “We don’t earn health like winning a war, but by keeping a balance”

Following Cristina Timiș’ life experiences, some of which were painful, the Eliade Clinic is the result of a longtime quest for finding the answers for body and mind health. The search of this
mother of four boys (22, 20, 17 and 15 years old) converted into a clinic where the human being is considered more than just a patient that needs “repairs” here and there, but is viewed as a whole able to find balance and sense in life. In order to reach this aim with everyone coming into the clinic, they provide innovating therapies, a team of exceptional specialists and a place that doesn’t look like a medical center, but a luxury resort.

We can hardly believe that a clinic providing holistic and innovating health services came to life out of nowhere. How did this concept emerge, what life experiences led to it?
Certainly, nothing in this world emerges out of nowhere. I am proud to say that the “Eliade Clinic” project is the quintessence of my fabulous life experiences, often painful, which made me always look for something better for me and my family. I was blessed to have a 27-year marriage with my husband, the man and the love of my life and I am a mother of four boys. But, being a mother sometimes involved living some of the hardest and most painful times of my life – what can it be more difficult than having your children in pain?! As another child was coming into our lives and another, things became more and more complicated and I felt more overwhelmed…

Starting with the children’s first years, I have tried everything in traditional medicine: vaccines, self-vaccination, the best antibiotics, sometimes brought from abroad, the latest generation of immuno-stimulators, vitamins, anti-allergic medication… I have experienced terrible allergies, never ending illness and doctors who had only one answer to give me: these are atypical diseases! I’ve been through desperate situations when I thought I would lose one of the children.

At a certain moment I was so tired, fed-up, discouraged, and I said to myself – “there must be something else in this world” other than traditional medicine. I decided to do some research and information work on alternative health treatments. All this process started in 2001 and over the next 7-8 years I learned self-development, alternative therapies, how to communicate with children and education. This way, I have collected the elements of a mild and efficient medicine that each and every one of use deserves. A true… art of living!

What was the most difficult task in transposing your dream into reality?
Finding the right specialists turned out to be a challenge. I wanted to find, first of all, people who have certain virtues, qualities and features, such as: integrity, responsibility, generosity, involvement, openness, enthusiasm, courage, respect and above all empathy and compassion. I am happy to state that the Eliade Clinic offers this type of doctors and therapists.

Regarding the clients, considering that the medical spa means holistic medicine – that is unfortunately not yet understood right – it was difficult to draw them to the clinic. The process involves a continuous educational work, but I have foreseen it and I am at peace with that. What are the services provided by Eliade Clinic? As I just said, the medical spa offers holistic medicine services.

We look at the patient and we approach him wholly – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. All our treatments and procedures aim to the cause of the problem and when we identify it we approach it individually by using the most non-invasive and natural types of therapies. We have the advantage that we can respond to a cause in different ways due to the complexity of our therapies. Approaching only the symptoms is like putting on foundation cream, which means masking or suppressing. The symptom is a very important benchmark, which, when analyzed and deciphered by the adequate professionals, together with an anamnesis of the entire lifestyle, can lead to the cause.

Likewise, the importance of the art of surgery is crucial and unreplaceable and this is why it is the only allopathic medical branch I decided to include in the Eliade Clinic. Certainly, it is esthetical surgery because it harmonizes with the clinic’s concept: providing joy to the body, mind and emotions.

Who are your clients? Are they people who couldn’t find answers in the traditional medical system?
With regards to the medical spa services, our clients have a certain typology. First of all they are informed; they fully understand the concept of holistic individualized and non-invasive medicine. They understand that beyond the physical side, our being has several dimensions that work together as a whole and influence each other. In addition, they are very happy to receive these services in such a welcoming environment.

The second type of clients are people coming to us desperately after having tried everything possible in traditional medicine and were not able to find a cure. The third type is people who add some of our services to other classic treatments. Fourth type is people who come to us because they received recommendations from others who had wonderful results in our clinic. And there is also another type of clients – people who want to try something new and start with wellness services and after a while they want to try more complex therapies.

The people who come here have the understanding or the intuition that there is something else out there, a primary cause that needs to be fixed in order to balance the entire organism. This cause can be found in the most subtle energetic and informational structures. And we can provide answers and intervene efficiently.

It seems that medicine has become excessively specialized; we go see 5-6 physicians, all having different specializations, and still we don’t get the right diagnostic. How does a holistic clinic, such as the Eliade Clinic, look at the human being?
The individual who comes in the Eliade Clinic is considered just like small dynamic universe, in close relationship with other small universes and with the entire macro-cosmos. In its great wisdom, the organism finds, most often, adaptive ways whenever it faces high demands. Yet, sometimes these adaptive mechanisms cannot function accordingly. We must understand the fundamental causes of this blockage. Our diet is certainly very important. But what makes someone crave for exactly those things that harm us, is even more important.

The lack of a certain mineral or a vitamin pushes the organism to find replacements whenever it is not able to meet its needs with what it has. A problem with the knee – that was already diagnosed and recommended for surgery – is examined by us from a holistic perspective, which means the posture of the body,the alignment of the spine, particularities of the eye and of the temporomandibular joint. Afterwards, we can find out the mental and emotional causes of a faulty posture. For example, a low level of self-esteem can make someone lean forward or stand in a bad position. As a consequence, they get a knee problem.

Surgery must be the last resort. Before the surgery we can clarify the causes and then remove them. These are just a few examples. Besides a diagnostic, we want to evaluate the dynamics of the organisms and of the primary causes that lead to certain imbalances. I am proud to say that we have one of the most complex offers of holistic therapies.

Very often, after having an allopathic treatment, if all protocols and procedures were followed, the doctors tell a person they are healthy, but they don’t actually feel healed. How do people leave the Eliade Clinic?
As long as the evaluation of the patient is done only from a physical point of view, regardless of how specialized and technologized medicine has become, there will always be something left not understood. The holistic approach means, I keep on saying, understanding the patient and his integrality at physical, mental, emotional, energetic levels, combined with a specific lifestyle. For example, we all say things like: “I can’t digest, it gets stuck in my throat,” and most of the time this is just somatization. We verbally express these things that are rooted in the way we think, react, live the emotions, but we want to correct them physically. And this is not possible.

On the contrary, simply treating the problem physically, we end up suppressing these symptoms. But, they come from somewhere else, from the mental or emotional field; until we are not aware of this and we don’t work with it, we are not able to find the fix. The main measure of our efficiency is the client’s condition. On the therapy files there is a field that assesses the discomfort before and after the therapy.

In posturology, for example, the posture’s improvement is shown by specific tests and measurements. For Asyra, after the metatherapy is completed, we do a re-testing to show the new values. For the Bach floral therapy, the progress is shown by the subjective condition of the client: no more pain, increased wellness, better sleep, and better joint movement.The human organism is always in a sort of balance. Thanks to homeostasis, we preserve a dynamic balance. It is one of life’s attributes. We don’t earn health like winning a war and tha’s it. Health represents physical, mental and spiritual balance. This is why it is so important to sustain a good mental and emotional hygiene and carry out daily self-exercises.

Beyond the export of thousands of physicians and nurses, could Romanian attract patients in the country? Did you succeed in making the Eliade Clinic known abroad or among the expats living in Bucharest?
Romania is a country with an extraordinary potential: nature, history, culture, intelligence and dynamism. The Romanian doctors are responsible and praised professionals at international level. We have an enthusiastic and well-trained team. Our patients are mostly Romanians, many of them work or run a business abroad, but they prefer coming to us. There are also foreigners, expats who work in Romania or people brought by friends are relatives who have already experienced results in our clinic.

We also have foreigners who come for a series of treatments from thousands of kilometers away. There are loyal customers who, because they are happy, recommend our services through the most efficient method: peer recommendation. Most of our doctors and therapists are specialized abroad and some of them have participated, as the clinic’s representatives, in congresses, courses and other events in Germany, England, China and other countries. There, they have received many praises for the complex concept of the clinic and the innovative technologies that we use.

Can the Eliade Clinic reflect an image of the future in medicine?
Yes, certainly. I would say it already reflects the future. We use state of the art technologies, some of them initially developed for astronautics; we rely on the new paradigm or holistic approach; the members of our team have a high level of personal development. All these elements allow us a superior interaction with the patient. We use both advanced technologies and traditional Chinese methods – acupuncture.

We approach and we honor the inner beauty of the patient through a warm and welcoming environment and subtle stimulus such as smell, sound and color. I wanted this clinic to be a place where health and beauty blend. Our methods are non-invasive or minimally invasive. It is a pioneer concept to use mild methods and obtain major transformations. The people who enter our clinic don’t get just therapies and treatments. They learn important things about themselves and become aware of their inner strength and of their personal mirage. They understand that their inner state cannot be found in the exterior world as long as they don’t introduce it and preserve it inside, thus living in connection with their thoughts, emotions and state of mind!

Health is not a purpose in itself, if man has no happiness – and this is something they don’t teach us in school. How would you define it?

Anything can be a purpose in itself and happiness is not linked to health. I know people who are physically healthy from a traditional point of view and yet they are unhappy. The idea of uniqueness, individuality and particularity fits me like a glove. Starting from this truth – each of us is unique and unrepeatable, I find it normal to consider that happiness is different from one person to another.

From personal experience, in which I believe the most and it is the only one that is giving me the right tospeak out loudly, happiness is a choice and an attitude – I lived it with every cell in my body. We choose to add each moment, disposition, life experience like creating a necklace and we choose to see the beauty, we choose living joyfully, understanding and being tolerant, we choose to let go, forgive, surround ourselves with beautiful people, things and moods, we choose to be better people, more generous and compliant…

This is how we bring and determine happiness in our lives. I lived through many sufferings, failures, fears, anxieties, questions and despair without knowing why. They are all are part of this life. I chose to transcend and burn them, I chose to take some of them as they are, looking on their bright side, I trained and hardened my patience, acceptance, forgiveness and the intrinsic change of life’s each phase and only after doing this I managed to be completely at peace with myself. Today, I try with every moment, using the gift of free will that we all have, in every aspect of my life, every relationship, every challenge – to choose consciously!

This mindset has been my lifestyle for many years now, so I decided to use it as the Clinic’s slogan every morning after waking up, I repeat this mantra: “I love life and Life loves me!” And I choose to bring my being into this state of grace that flows in when we open our arms towards life, beauty and joy! And because we attract what we are, trust me when I say that things happen in the same way. I don’t claim that life becomes simple and that there will be no more trials and tribulations, but the choice we make every moment can change everything and turn us into the masters of our own lives!

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