Anca Bucur, Miss Fitness Universe, about a beautiful body

Anca Bucur considers herself a simple woman who worked hard to reach her dreams. Four times Miss Fitness Universe and currently a trainer at World Class Health Academy, she talked to The Art of Living about world titles, a healthy life and the results we can get through training.

What do the world titles mean to you and how did you win them?
The titles that I won represent first and foremost a personal achievement and certainly a reward of my work and effort. I have always looked at every practice, every competition as an experience and I truly wanted to get to the top. Performance demands sacrifice, so my work started at an early age. I started doing sports when I was 3 years old. I had my mother`s support since the very beginning. In fact, she was the one who had discovered my talent.

At the age of 7, I was admitted to the National Sports College Deva. I must confess that aerobics has always been “my great love” and because of the hard work and the trainers worked with, I achieved a high level of fitness performance and I became my own trainer. I have a huge passion for competitions and sports in particular which guided me since childhood to fulfill my dreams of becoming a champion.

How did you end up participating in this competition?
I sent information about myself and I followed the selection process. As with every field, there is a starting point for everyone and after that, depending on the results and individual contribution, one can stand out from the crowd. Because of the results I had in my first years, I am now a professional.

What is your weekly training program?
As a Group Fitness coach, I spend many hours at the gym, together with those who take part in my classes. During the week I have classes in different World Class centers, morning, lunch and evenings. But during days with a relaxed schedule, I love training outdoors. I like functional exercises, especially using my own body weight. I can say that weekends are freer in terms of trainings; since I usually have sport events and all sorts of projects

Is there a fast track for a harmonious body? Let`s say that I want to have a flat tummy and toned arms in just 3 months.

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