Dr. Daniela Taher on the trends in aesthetic medicine: “Results as natural as possible”

“Your beauty is our passion”. This was Dr. Daniela Taher`s slogan when she established “Skin Clinic”. Aesthetic medicine was unconsciously her passion since childhood. She would spend hours drawing portraits of strangers. As a student she was also interested in everything related to anti-aging medicine. As a doctor, she has treated thousands of patients and she helped them regain their self-esteem. Dr. Taher has told “The Art of Living” some of the modern beauty techniques and secrets.

Which are the most frequent procedures?
Currently, in my clinic, peeling is number one because it is wintertime and the best season for this type of procedure. It`s either average peelings or superficial peelings that are carried out in a series of 3-5 sessions. Second, we have botulin toxin injections, the patients` favorites due to the high level of satisfaction – a rapidity technique with little adverse effects. Third, we have the filings substances, like hyaluronic acid fillers. These substances have a very wide use in the recent years. At the beginning, they were used to fix wrinkles and the nasogenian fold, but now we can really sculpt the shape of the face, lift the features and fix certain asymmetries. Wiping hollow eyes, non-surgical lifting of the eyes can sometimes replace blepharoplasty.

How well informed are the customers who come to your clinic?
Sometimes the consultation takes longer because the patients are not informed with regards to the aesthetic medicine procedures. They don`t know exactly the procedures, effects and risks. They are less available to undergo a series of treatments to obtain a gradual result with no risks and sometimes prefer a unique session with higher risks. This is the reason why, sometimes a thorough information session is needed in order to offer correct guidance.

Do you offer counseling to patients? How important is counseling?
Counseling is very important and absolutely necessary. Sometimes, the consultations are very long because patients are confused about medical terms and explanations. At times, they are misinformed because of the online media where there a lot of exaggerations and unreal statements. A good standardized and correctly executed procedure rarely fails.

What are the beauty trends nowadays?
The current trends are based on using multiple technologies and methods in the same session in order to get quick, satisfying results for patients and doctors. For example, we can apply ultrasounds, radiofrequency and shock waves to the body and fractioned laser, ultrasounds,
ultra-focused and chemical peeling or fillers and tensed wires on the face. Another trend is getting results as natural and discreet and possible. Another trend is antiaging prevention since the age of 30. This allows avoiding surgical lifting at a later age. Concurrently, a person who is consistent with antiaging treatments will always look 15-20 years later.

What can you fix with botox?
Besides wrinkles on the forehead and the eyes area, botox is used also to lift the face. More recently, we use a botulin toxin that is less diluted – called mesobotox, which can improve the look of seborrheic skin, acne, loose cheeks and an old-looking neck. A novelty is using it to improve the quality of hair, making it more hydrated, bright and thick. We also have some patients who come regularly to get treatment for migraines and depression. Likewise, botox is an excellent solution against excessive perspiration.

Is there a more sophisticated procedure that is becoming more and more popular in Romania?
Sometimes, the most difficult and sophisticated thing is to establish the exact treatment combination that shall provide a “wow” result. We must imagine how the patient will look like and what results we can get. For me, it is not about a sophisticated procedure but a correct assessment. Artistic sense is very important at some point and in our job we need imagination
and creativity very often. Being a good technician who executes the procedure correctly is not always enough, so we rather need a sophisticated result and not a sophisticated procedure.

What type of clients come to Skin Clinic?
Most of our patients are between 30-50 years old. However, we have more and more young patients lately and a lot of men requesting botox injections, scar and alopecia treatments.

There are many clinics and many doctors on the market. How are you different from all the rest?

We have invented the “Soft beautifying concept”. It started from the idea that there are no ugly women, there are only women who have neglected themselves. Each person has certain features (eyes, mouth, cheeks) who deserve to be emphasized. The point is to work on the major attraction factor of that person. When there is no such feature, we try to make the best with the skin`s texture: no wrinkles, no dilated pores, no stains; we try to have an elastic skin and a healthy brightness and transparency. Usually, we use this concept and women patients love it because the results are very natural and soft. As a doctor, I am extremely satisfied because women regained their self-esteem.

What are your passions?
Any patient is a challenge; certainly, the difficult cases are the most intense. Recently, as we do have the necessary tools and technology, I am very much interested in reshaping and sculpting the facial contour, starting with the forehead, cheeks, nose and lips. This can be done to redefine or emphasize a person`s character. We will always be more confident when the look reflects the true person. After all, the pursued result is an emotional one.

Dr. Daniela Taher is a specialist in esthetic dermatology and an active member of the European Academy of Dermatology, International Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery International League, former secretary of the Middle East Society of Dermatologic Surgery, international trainer for mesotherapy, collagen inducing products and chemical peelings. She teaches training classes for dermatologists. Currently she is the medical director of Skin Clinic Floreasca.


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