Relaxing in wine, with wine

Stress and endless working hours spent in the office are part of our daily lives. Oases in the midst of the city called SPAs started to emerge, offering relaxation and regeneration. In the last two decades, the SPAs had a rapid development everywhere in the world, providing the most luxurious relaxation and beauty services.

We all know that wine (when consumed responsibly) relieves stress and upkeeps wellness; moreover, recent research shows that certain grape and wine components have therapeutic effects. Therefore, it was natural for wine to make its own way in this world and some of the wellness centers started to include it in their services. Contrary to the online images of people sitting and relaxing in pools filled with red wine, these relaxation and beauty procedures are extremely diverse and are based on grape and wine extracts.

On the Romanian market, wine therapy emerged thanks to Ramada Hotel in Oradea that, at the end of 2014, has established Riserva Wine SPA, an innovative and unique concept. Located at the hotel`s 7th floor, its architecture suggests the influence of wine and the center is divided in several areas that have wine tasting names. The visit starts in the Decantarium, a lobby where the guests may enjoy a pretentious selection of wines, continues with the treatment areas Aroma, Body, Balance, Premier Cru, and Magnum and is completed on the terrace with a superb view of the city, relaxing in the Jacuzzi and sipping a glass of wine.

The beauty session starts with a bath in red grapes nectar that has anti-oxidation, detoxification and anti-aging effects due to the polyphenols and offers relaxation due to the fresh grape aroma. Afterwards, there are some specific treatments: exfoliation with a natural scrub made of red grapes, grapes and seaweeds wrapping, scalp massage with coconut oil, body massage with grape seeds; following all these, it is a total must to drink a glass of wine while sitting in the Jacuzzi. The center recommends drinking red wine, due to its beneficial effects, but personally I would suggest enjoying a light sparkling wine.

Therefore, do not miss the experience of wine therapy no matter where you are. If you are offered to enjoy the beneficial effects of wine, take the opportunity in all its forms – drinks, treatments or both.