Central and Eastern Europe has become again the investors` favorite target

This year, Central and Eastern Europe is just about to become the investor`s reference point of destination. A research carried out at the end of last year by KPMG had included over 450 companies from eight European countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithonia, Romania and Slovakia) and indicated that for 2015-2017 more than two thirds of them are interested in continuing with the investments made on the local and neighboring markets.

This comeback occurs after two years, time during which Eastern Europe was regarded an interesting target for new investors and attracted 75% of direct foreign investments. The investors` growing demand for Eastern market is directly reflected by the dynamics of unemployment and the average wages of these countries. More than half (53, 8%) of the new jobs created as a consequence of direct foreign investments are in Central and Eastern Europe. The start has began in 2012- 2013 after a couple of years, in which the European zone had recorded a historical minimum level of investments against –mainly – the global economical crisis and the unpredictable political signals. In 2014, according to Bloomberg, the pace of economic growth in the former communist countries has slowed to 1.7% from 2.2% the previous year, due mainly to the events in Russia and Ukraine.

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