Different paths, same target

In the Romanian banking system there are 40 entities and one could think that there is enough room for everyone. And there is. The Italians seem to have understood this the best because they managed to successfully place themselves both in the retail and also in the business sector.

The Italo Romena Bank – Gruppo Veneto Banca has entered the Romanian market at the end of the 90`s and was ranked number 17 in the Romanian financial sector, at the end of 2013, but it is one of the two banks that have succeeded to surpass other lending institutions at the beginning of the year. The bank has obtained a threshold of 6,7 million Euros in the state`s program with deposits for SMEs. How did they do it? “Both in Romania and also in Italy, SMEs have played an essential role in the economy of the country and their development must be encouraged. This is the reason why the SME sector has always been a priority for us and we were constantly involved to develop products and sign partnerships in this sector. We have continued our collaboration with the National Deposit Fund this year also. “We already have a strong partnership together and we are glad we made it in the advantage of our clients”, says Paolo Mariani, the general director of the Italo Romena Bank.

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