Regional development pillars and highways – The engines that assure the economic growth

Slovenia, a country that had won its independence 25 years ago, is considered a success model for the new member states of the European Union. Despite its population – comparable to Romania`s capital Bucharest – the small state has become a EU member in 2004 and three years later was the 13th state to adopt the European currency. Their gross domestic product is higher that the European average and, according to the official data made public by the Slovenian Office for Statistics, in March 2014 the net average income has slightly exceeded 1,000 euro – that is almost 2% higher than the previous month. “Slovenia is the cheapest place on the planet for starting up a business”, informs the Slovenian portal The information is supported by a Romanian entrepreneur who does businesses in Slovenia, Constantin Octavian Pătrașcu.

In Slovenia, rigor attracts small private capital

Being an economist, Pătrașcu is a business developer and believes that Slovenia “is one of the countries that offers extraordinary advantages for the business environment”. “Slovenia is one of the Eurozone countries which creates a favorable environment for foreign investors. It is a one-stop-shop, due to the simplified procedures that are targeting to reduce and even eliminate the capital requirements. At the same time, the Slovenian laws are clear, the entrepreneurial culture and the support provided by the business networks are enforced precisely for helping the creation and the improvement of the business potential. “According to World Bank Enterprise Survey, 2015 Slovenia is on the 15th position out of 189 economies regarding the easiness to start up a business”, explained Constantin Octavian Pătrașcu for The Art of Living.

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