Romania and Slovenia, two different strategies for the same objective: energy independence

It is not a secret anymore that the energetic sector and the raw resources (that produce electricity or fuel) represent one of the most powerful instruments or geopolitical arguments, everywhere in the world. It is a very well known fact that energy is the “lymphatic system” of all economies and we can just take a look at the game played by the states who use their energy potential against the high energy consumption: Russia uses gas – one of their most powerful resources – in relating with the third parties, while the economies of states such as the United Arab Emirates bloom by exploiting oil or raising its international quota.

For this reason, energy independence is a hot point on the agenda of all important international meetings and the solutions identified by states and companies have nevertheless priority when it comes to discussing the profit. Yet, it is true that each state approaches the matter of energy independence by considering the surrounding realities: the raw resources, the financial capacities or the unconventional solutions. The Art of Living suggests an analysis of the energy market using two study cases: one where the discussions about independence are based on strategy and another one that tries to combine strategy with national resources: Slovenia and Romania.

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