Time to buy

After a six year coma, the real estate market is trying to make a comeback by producing for the players involved at the least the common sense outputs. We cannot talk about the earnings produced between 2006 and 2008 and everybody knows this. But the market started moving; the consultants made their imagination work and those who want to place their money on this market segment have more and more options.

After the sudden fall 6 years ago, the real estate market is still feeling down and everyone involved is acting cautiously. 2012 was the year when new investments and developments started out timidly. The consultants are saying that the most desired apartments nowadays are the cheapest ones, fact that allows them to be financed by state supported programs and come under the 5% TVA quota. As a consequence, the rents are also smaller in comparison with the ones from 7-8 years ago. If we refer to the purchasing an apartment through a banking loan as an investment – Premier Estate says that this is a good time to make a move, because the bank rate is, very often, smaller than the monthly rent. “I strongly recommend this type of purchase because right now the banks have some very interesting loan products, with attractive interests, the rent is bigger than the bank rate and the investment has a minimum risk. You don’t just purchase an apartment, but this apartment «pays itself», and the owner is left with an additional amount of money after paying the bank rate”, thinks Andreea Comșa, General Director Premier Estate.

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